Thursday, May 31, 2012

Η "Μάχη της Αθήνας" στο Γκάζι με τους Vodka Juniors

9.6.2012 | the Battle of Athens
This is the only show of Vodka Juniors for 2012. This is the last of the Dark Poetry shows. An attempt to revive the spirit of the Pirate Tours, and bring the monster back to life in the center of Athens. This is a celebration of the madness and emotional warfare we found ourselves into since the last record came out. A farewell to an era of relentless travelling and spreading the music. This is when we realized we 're not alone. This is a collective experience. This is the Battle of Athens

Vodka Juniors | the Battle of Athens
+ Planet of Zeus
Texnopolis, Gazi, Athens
June 9th 2012

Event and Journey Info:
Event Info
Video Trailer
Planet of Zeus
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Rhythm Records, Em. Benaki 74, Exarheia
Nico Tattoo, Andrianou 97, Plaka
Blue Bar, Gyftopoulou 8, Halandri
Gorilla, Thiseos 11, Maroussi
Rover Bar, Salaminos 6, Ladadika, Thessaloniki

Vodka Juniors
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